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Check out the new releases this week at TTCombat!

Hello everyone! Another Friday, and another release.

This week we have a few new Hobby Accessories sets up on the store.

Our first release is actually two sets!

We’ve got packs of cork tiles in the store, which are perfect for basing your miniatures – as Fin so clearly has demonstrated with these awesome bases! The cork comes in either 2mm thickness or 4mm thickness.

The 2mm was used to make those broken tarmac bases, and the 4mm for the large rocky outcrops (not that large though). The cork is useful for all sorts of basing though, especially when you stack it in layers to make epic bases.

Our next new sets are blisters of Mini-Mould.

We’ve had Mini-Mould available in the store before, but have relaunched it with a new material at a great new price.

These little beads are heat-activated. Put a handful in a bowl of steaming hot water and wait a couple of minutes for it to melt. Then (carefully) get it out of the water and press it around the part you want to duplicate. Once it’s fully cured, pop the bit out and smush in some green stuff. After that’s cured, you have your replacement piece!

This stuff is super useful, and is best used very sparingly to make thin moulds. That means you’ll be able to pop your cast pieces out easily. It also means you can have lots of moulds on the go at once without having to re-melt existing moulds to make new ones.

Our final release this week is a pack of Paint Agitators. These glass beads go into your paint pots to help you shake up your paint. Easier on the arms, and it’ll apply smoother over your minis, saving you time and annoyances if your paint has split.

All of these new releases are available to order now. Put your order in over the weekend and they’ll be shipped out first thing Monday.


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