WIP Wednesday from the Art Desk

We’re taking a trip to the far future for today’s WIP Wednesday.

Battle for Earth is approaching, and with it we’ve got lots of new art to show off.

How much art is going in BFE? More than has ever been in a Dropzone or Dropfleet book before!

I’m currently putting the book together, putting pictures next to words and all that fun stuff, so I thought I’d show a WIP of the book itself, with a mysterious piece of new art that Reidun has completed.

What’s happening in this scene? I’m not telling!

I will say that this particular picture takes place in the prelude to the Battle for Earth itself, during the Phase 3 portion of the book.

As we get further and further in production, I might be allowed to show off some more stuff from the book, maybe even some full page spreads. Keep an eye out for more coming very soon.

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