It’s time for Carnevale!

Hello again everyone, I’m back with another update, this time about our new Streets of Venice scenery.

The range is being revamped and redeveloped …

Its great to see that you’re all loving the game and this Friday’s releases are some updated Venetian buildings. Mike and Neil have been working hard altering the Streets of Venice range to make the buildings better for game play.

Take the Casa Diana building for example. the lower balcony has been extended so that a miniature can fit on it. This small change means that if you end your movement on the first balcony, it’s a straight shot then to the roof. This makes the climbing of buildings much easier in the game.

These additions become a lot more useful when you consider the new Crisostomo Tower! The balcony and window box are positioned to allow you to make it to the top easily.

The average movement in Carnevale is 4 inches. If you end your turn halfway up a wall, then you fall at the end of your turn taking damage and you don’t want that.

Most, if not all, of the buildings have had the Grey-board roofs changed to wood, just like this Palazza Lucia. This means the construction is stronger and it will be able to support your minis as well as take paint better. The pitch of the roofs have also been changed from 15 degrees to 12. Although a slight change it makes a big difference as your nicely painted capo is less likely to slip off and break.

Keep an eye out for these and more on Friday, there’s more where they came from so stay tuned to the usual channels.


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