Teaser Tuesday is Back!

Welcome to Teaser Tuesday! Today we’re going to look at some upcoming releases…

Hello everyone! Ben here! I’ve had a look around the office and found some sneaky pictures of releases coming this Friday.

Fans of big robots in the far future will be happy, as we’re adding five news kits to our Sci-Fi X range this week.

The Administratum Decimus is the first – a fancy new kit complete with some teeny tiny shipping containers!

There’s also a big new kit coming with this one, but I’m not spoiling that yet! Make sure to check back on Friday for that one.

This second kit is the first of three new easy-to-build kits: the Domicile Civitalis!

This one is getting added to our growing range of MDF kits that don’t even need glue! This one just slides together and can be taken apart again for storage.

The two other kits come in different shapes, allowing you to make a really varied battlefield!

These kits and more will be released this Friday, so check back then for details.

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  1. Please make these for the sci fi gothic range too. It would be really nice to have some HUGE buildings for our battlefield. They look amazing too.

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