The Black Night part 10

We’re coming to the close of the Black Night, but the Morgraur is still running rampant!

The Morgraur bit another man in two before picking up a woman in its jaws, whipping her body around and hurling the bloody corpse into the canal. The remaining attackers were crushed under the Morgraur’s body as it slithered its way past, leaving a trail of death and destruction in its wake. Not a single person to have seen the Morgraur had survived, the monster’s ferocity devastating everything close to it.

So far the great beast had made its way up a small portion of the Grand Canal, leaving several entire blocks of houses in pieces. It crashed through another building, killing a family of four in their sleep as the building collapsed into the lagoon. It swam south, down a street barely large enough for its bulk, breaking walls from buildings as it moved.

As it rounded out from the street, it came back to the Giudecca canal. A gondolier had noticed the giant serpent amongst the chaos and began to scream. The Morgraur turned to face the boatman and plunged down onto the gondolier, its jaws open ready. It crashed into the water, devouring both man and boat in a single bite.

Having returned to the canal, the Morgraur turned and moved back out through the lagoon into the sea. Causing a huge current to hit the bottom side of Dorsuduro, flooding much of the southern side of the island and overturning many moored gondolas. In an act of spite, the World Serpent ploughed through a merchant vessel, sinking the brig and ruining all of its precious cargo. Finally content with the destruction it had wrought, the Morgraur left the lagoon and returned to the Adriatic, leaving behind a desolated district; several destroyed or sunk ships and many bodies strewn around the streets. Some had been bitten in half, others had crumpled beside smashed walls whilst an unlucky few had been crushed in the debris of various buildings in their sleep.

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