The Black Night part 9

Back to the Ospedale to uncover Carlo’s findings, and meet a renowned figure in today’s chapter of the Black Night.

Carlo moved excitedly through the building complex of the Opsedale on San Servolo, he couldn’t wait to let Kaine know of his findings. The Rent was the key to everything! Without it then their experiments could falter and perhaps fail entirely. Reaching Kaine’s office he didn’t slow his pace, putting his arm forwards and bursting into the room.

“Sir, look what I discovered, the Rent in the Sky! It’s the key to everything.”

Kaine was looking out of the window, facing away from the door with his arms crossed behind his back. He was a tall man, dressed smartly with sharp features and clever eyes. He was the most prominent man in all the Opsedale and oversaw the running of the building complex, including the more nefarious tasks the Doctors undertook.

“You didn’t knock.” Kaine replied evenly, his gaze still outside the window.

Carlo was taken by surprise for a moment before composing himself, and continuing on with detailing his findings. He mentioned every last detail; how he had experimented on the boy whilst the Rent had filled the sky and comparing them to his most recent results. Turning away from the window, Kaine sat at his desk and rested his head on his hand, concentrating on what Carlo had found and looking disappointed.

“Interesting,” Kaine began, “so you say that any magical ability which we might source originates from the Rent? When it was prevalent it scattered eldritch energy throughout Venice, yet now that it has seemingly disappeared all of that magical energy has been lost?”

“Yes sir that is exactly what I am saying. The experiments on the boy prove it. I believe that if we are able to better harness the magic of the Rent, we will be able to make advances in medicine incredibly quickly and efficiently.” Carlo replied, his eyes wide with excitement.

Taking a moment to respond, Kaine stood up and walked over to Carlo and grasped his shoulder, “Then we had better hope that the Rent returns! The rest of Venice may feel like this is a blessing but we depend on it for our research.”

Returning to the window again, Kaine looked up to the Rent which was still barely visible in the night sky, “Perhaps we should look into how we might create another tear if this one should not return. Yes, that should be a priority.”

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