The Black Night part 8

The Morgraur continues its rampage in part 8 of our ongoing advent story in the world of Carnevale.

The gunfire hit the monster but seemed to have little effect as the Morgraur snatched up a guard and bit him clean in two, its bulk crushing another two beneath it. The remaining guards lost heart and began to flee. Their pitiful attempts at defiance had no effect on the legendary beast; merely angering it. It lashed forward, crushing the group beneath its weight.

Its hunger unsatisfied the Morgraur moved to find new prey, biting through a statue, sending the debris crashing down to the street below. More civilians began to take up arms against the eldritch beast in an attempt to ward it off, protecting their homes and their city in the process. A barrage of arrows struck as a mob of civilians with swords, clubs and kitchen utensils began hacking away at the serpent, the monster roaring in anger as a trickle of blood began to run down its scaly hide from the bullet fire.

Out of desperation the civilians began to work away the foundations to a building in an attempt to entomb the monster beneath rubble. The Morgraur lashed out with its serpentine body, throwing more bodies in the air and snatching at others with its huge ravenous jaws. The foundations to the building finally gave way, collapsing onto the Morgraur in a loud thump as only some of the civilians managed to escape the wreckage. A large plume of dust rose as the ruin of the building settled on the now desolate street.

For a brief moment, all became quiet. The Morgraur had been lost amongst the collapsed house and the civilians began to celebrate in their triumph, having bested the great World Serpent from myth.

No sooner had they breathed their sighs of relief however, than the ground beneath them began to shake as the debris of the building gave way. The Morgraur rose from the debris, reborn in dust and wreckage. Opening its mighty jaws it roared, knocking over the civilians with the sheer force of its cry.

“How do we kill this monster?!” One citizen asked, “This must be the devil come to kill us all!”

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