The Black Night part 6

The Morgraur is unleashed in today’s chapter of The Black Night.

The Morgraur first appeared by the Chiesa di San Barnaba in the Dorsuduro district, its huge serpentine-like head towering over nearby civilians. The mythical beast was the largest creature the worshippers had ever seen, its serpentine body reaching far out of sight beneath the water. It was covered in scales as thick as the largest plate armour, dripping with water and covered in seaweed and barnacles that glittered from the torches lit around the church. Rows upon rows of teeth the size of swords waited to swallow its victims whole. People fled in terror from the monster as the Morgraur slammed its massive bulk into a nearby house, crushing it entirely. Slowly the World Serpent slid into the city in search of destruction.

The Priests of Dagon had no specific vision for what the Morgraur was to do when it had been summoned, only the death and destruction which would ensue.

The beast had spied a man running away in terror and made its move. With a speed unnatural to its size, the Morgraur struck, biting the man and throwing him in the air before catching him in his mouth and swallowing him whole. A braver man with a sword hesitantly moved forwards into striking range. With the briefest of movements the Morgraur whipped its body around, throwing the man into a wall, breaking his body, which collapsed lifeless to the floor.

The serpent slithered through a church, paying little heed to the structure as it toppled behind it. Appearing from the other side of the church, the Morgraur’s path further into the city had been barred by a group of men with rifles, who took aim at it. Coiling up, the Morgraur looked down on the group of soldiers and let out a defiant roar. A few of the guards lost their courage and turned to flee the scene whilst the others let loose a volley of lead shot into the colossal beast.

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