The Black Night part 5

It’s Monday, so we’re back to Venice for some weird things happening (again)…

The circle of priests had almost completed their ritual. One hundred citizens had been brought up to the Sacred Altar of Dagon and all had their hearts cut out in an attempt to summon forth the World Serpent.

The followers of Dagon had prepared for a month to complete this ritual. The captured citizens had to be kept alive and their hearts had to be fresh when they were sacrificed.

The ten Dagonite Priests chanted together around the altar, growing in intensity as they reached the climax of the ritual. Their chorus resonated in the ancient walls concealing the temple, ricocheting as the chant became thunderous.

As one, the priests collapsed backwards, their life force spent in the completion of the ritual. The ancient inscriptions on the altar began to pulsate green, glowing in unison with the Rent in the Sky before both flickered out almost entirely. Magical energy flowed through the altar, its raw power forcing the heavy stone to crack in two.

The ritual was completed. It had required the lives of one hundred mortals, ten Dagonite Priests, and had drained the Rent of almost all its magical energy. The city was blanketed in darkness. But the Ouroboros had been summoned. Venice would feel the beasts’ indomitable wrath.

The lagoon surrounding the south of Saint Marks Square began to swell into a strong current. Waves hit the boats moored by the Square and sent them crashing into the side of the street. The current built further as Saint Marks began to flood, as large wave worked its way through the lagoon into the Grand Canal, flipping smaller boats over as it pushed through. A deep, unnatural roar shook the immediate area as the city shook under the power of an ancient being. The Morgraur had arrived in Venice.

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