The Black Night part 1

To celebrate the launch of Carnevale and the upcoming holiday season we’re doubling down on our Advent Calendar with a brand new 12-part story. Welcome to the Black Night.

Pietro had gone about his business as usual since the Rent in the Sky had torn the world apart. With what little sleep he got, he left his modest casa in the morning and set up his stall on the Rialto Bridge, selling fine silks, wool, and other clothing garments. The location offered Pietro good business and as a result, he had made a good living in Venice.

For those customers who wanted something a little more…exotic, Pietro had a small selection of weapons beneath his stall. Nobles and other – more mysterious – customers would frequent his stall looking to buy these weapons and would pay a fine price for them. Ever since the Rent in the Sky appeared, Venice had become a far more guarded place, concealed weapons became the norm and to leave your house without a mask was seen as political (and potentially actual) suicide.

The morning had flown by and business had been good. Pietro had taken in a sizable amount of coin for his wares. Only one shady man had come by, looking for a dagger. The comings and goings of the new political scene in Venice completely flew over Pietro, who preferred to keep his head down as a simple merchant. How he became embroiled with the Guild of Merchants was incredulous, Pietro thought to himself. Still, for a price they had kept his stall safe from prying eyes, which Pietro reasoned was definitely a plus.

“Is that the hour already?” Pietro murmured to himself, “I’m supposed to be home early this afternoon to take Julietta to the theatre!”

Closing down his stall quickly, Pietro counted the coin he had made after a good day’s work and hurried off, back to his home. The sun had been bright all day, but the sky still wasn’t darkening; since the Rent had opened it illuminated the night sky. The bright, shimmering nights meant sleep had been hard to come by.


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