Who We Are

Who We Are


Based in the South West of England at Indian Queens in Cornwall, we are a tabletop gaming company responsible for, Carnevale, Dropfleet Commander, Dropzone Commander, RUMBLESLAM, Relics, and Home Raiders.

Our Team

These are the various TTCombat people you will see in this community:

Scott – Head of Lore & Rules

Neil –  Graphic Designer & Photographer

Fin – In house painter & Paint range developer

Jonny –  Lead MDF Designer

Ben – MDF Designer & Art Direction

Kieran – Concept Artist

Danian – MDF Designer

Tom – Head of 3D Printing

Robin – Lore & Rules

Yahia – Web Developer

Chris – Web Devolper & Boxed Game Rules

Owen – Community & Digital Content

Dave LP – Creative Writer

Joshua – Creative Writer

Mark – TTCombat Streamer and Painter