Who We Are

Who We Are


Here at TTCombat we take great pride in the products and games that we develop.  Based in the South West of England at Indian Queens in Cornwall, we have grown substantially over the last few years and don’t plan to stop growing any time soon.

Our Team

These are the various TTCombat people you will see in this community:

Lewis, the lead designer here at TTCombat. Lewis came in to the company while we were developing our first full game RUMBLESLAM and helped that become the much loved game it is today. He then started a major project with developing the much anticipated Carnevale relaunch which was completely redsigned and rebuilt from the bottom.

Scott, the longest serving designer at TTCombat, Scott designed the very first MDF scenery we did and still designs fantastic scenery as well as supporting the community and game testing our games.

Joseph, our master photographer and community contact. Joseph does most, if not all of our videos and photos.

Ben, another designer. Ben designs a lot of the MDF buildings and also does a lot of other design tasks within the company, including the phenomenal Art of Carnevale book.

Fin, our in house painter, all those painted miniatures you see on our instagram feed are his works of art.

DaveLP,  responsible for a lot of the writing in our books and on the web. Dave writes some fantastic stories set in the worlds we create. 

Yahia, develops our websites and web applications.

Kim, our customer support and community contact.

Reidun, our in house artist.

Danian, another designer and part of the community engagement team.

Jonny, another designer and part of the community engagement team.

Neil, another designer and part of the community engagement team.