Delve into the Hive and fight with the Gifted

The Industrial Hive is full of inbred mutations, cannibalistic gangs, and now some Carnevale Gifted miniatures!

Welcome to this week’s Monday Motivation and today we’re taking a trip deep into the Industrial Hive. Infused with the godly powers provided by the Rent in the sky, Gifted individuals are used and hunted in Venice. Therefore Yanis (De trois pièces le Pinceau) has saved these folk by chucking them into a futuristic war.

Gifted in the Hive

King Pulcinella has joined the Gifted and is leading this spec-ops force through their adventure in the Hive. Painted in a darker wash, his white robes have been darkened by the smokes of the burning hive fires. Armed with arm lance and deadly pistol, its good to be the King.

Pantaleone stopped off at a scummy workshop on his way through the Hive and upgraded his arsenal. Now armed with Pulse and Frag Grendades, it would be advantageous to bring some of these back to Venice if he returns. Yanis has done a great job on this miniature. The additional grenades look great around Pantaleone’s belt and the Frag grenade has been added to the hand very cleanly.

Scapino loves nothing more than running and causing misfortune. Thanks to Yanis, he is now armed with dual pistols and will be causing lots of issue. Slippery by nature, this Unhinged Understudy will pop up behind mutants in the Hive before pulling the trigger.

Mezzetino is vindictive. He enjoys bending the rules of Carnevale and now armed with a Gun, his honour is non-existent. Yanis has done a really nice job painting all of his miniatures but Mezzetino is probably my favourite. The dual purple and blue tones works really well and makes for a nice change from his traditional red/white attire.

Finally, Brighella has ditched the crossbow for a rifle. Upgrading from the advanced Atrezzo Crossbow for this less elegant firearm, I guess style doesn’t have a place in the Hive. Again, Yanis has done a great job painting/converting this miniature with the pose looking very natural.

Thanks for sharing this with us Yanis!

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