Monday Motivation – New Sheriff in Space

Welcome to this week’s edition of Monday Motivation where we have a new Sheriff in town!  This little Halfling is courtesy of Matthew Handley and their Instagram account (Disgustingly Resilient).

Craggy Bottom is a little different from your typical fantasy town. This is usually because most reported crimes are food-related and the suspects are never found. Luckily the Halfling Sheriffs are on the case or they will be when they hall their bloated guts off the floor. But one Sheriff has ventured out of Craggy Bottom and found himself in an Industrial Hive.

This Sheriff has been through hell since arriving in the hive, just look at his face! Covered in scars and bruises it appears that he’ll have some stories to tell if he ever makes it back to Craggy Bottom. If your gonna survive the hive then you’d best be armed and thankfully this Halfling is packing some heat. Twin pistols can provide some protection however nothing compares to a grenade at the hip.

I like the base’s rusted appearance with cracked metal around the edges. This makes for a nice contrast to the usual grassy pastures applied to the traditional Halfling base.

Thanks for sharing this with all of us Matthew! I look forward to seeing what other miniatures you share with the TTCommunity.

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