Thats A Wrap!

This weeks WIP Wednesday is a little different to the norm. Instead its where we say, see you next year! Fear not though, we still have our White Box Bundles to come this week!

Its been a fun year of teases, wips and releases, especially with the release of this little Axolotl and his friends, the Triassic 5. Just look at his little face, adorable!

Nonetheless. it is already that time again (I know, what the heck!) and we must wrap up our weekly community posts for the year. So, as from next week there wont be anymore of our usual weekly updates until 2022 (That was weird to write).

However, that doesn’t mean we have finished working. Oh no! The regulars amongst you will know what is coming next, and if you’re new to us, well, lets just say we like to have our own little countdown.

Thats right, our advent calendar returns Monday Dec 6th! We have 3 weeks of daily teases of what is headed your way next year, all in the run up to Christmas. No matter what game you play, we have some exciting things coming for you!

Until then, thankyou! You have all been great and we are very excited for what is to come next year and we think you will be too.


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