WIP Wed: New Set of Dreads (no, not hair)


Resistance is never futile! Resistance is the only way we are able to persevere. Resistance is the only way Forward.

Hello everybody and welcome to our newest edition of Work In progress Wednesday. What do we have for you today you may ask? RESISTANCE DREADNOUGHTS!

That’s right, space behemoths that are dwarfed only by actual planets. We have 4 tasty dreads to show you in various levels of completion but one thing they all have in common… They are siiiick!

Resistance Dreadnoughts

Large, in charge and with the ability of a full assault battling barrage is this bad boy, with its super unique front end sure to strike terror in the opponents eye. The lines on this dread just screams style to me, like a Cadillac rolling down a Miami beach front.

You may have seen this one in our UK Games Expo roundup post (or at the show itself). A little tester of what can be done with the kit, this one isn’t getting the full Fin paint treatment, but we thought was fun anyway.

This is actually one of the smallest dreads you can make with the kit. It’s fully modular, allowing different sizes and styles!

No we are not in a chop shop but this ever so slightly bigger beast is still under construction. Its shaping up to be a formidable opponent though. Just look at the size of that antenna!

Fin is still working on the assembly of this fine ship, but will be painting it up to show exactly what you can do with the set. There are so many pieces in this kit it’s unreal. Dave really went nuts on the whole “Lego in space” thing here!

Last but not least by any measure is the baby of the group. Don’t think of baby as being small, just smaller then its counter parts. This little legend has turrets on top, hybrid guns on the side and 360 degrees of destruction to send towards the enemy. Smaller but no less deadly. We will resist, we will secure victory.

The Resistance Dreadnought kit is coming your way very soon, although some assembly will be required! We’re excited to see what everyone does with their dreads. As you can see, there are quite a lot of ways to make yours unique!

Thats it for another WIP Wednesday. Be sure to keep an eye out on our webstore and right here on the TT community site for any updates on when we will be releasing these glorious space demons.

Take care getting back to regular life.


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