WIP Piazza San Marco

Have you been to Venice? “No, COVID stopped me”. That’s ok we have some more great scenery to show you which will make you feel like you have just visited St.Mark’s Square.

Buongiorno homies. Welcome to the middle of the week, the furtherest day away from the weekend in either direction. The good news is its all down hill from here till its the week end again.

Lets get right into it. St Marks Square is one of the most renown historical landmarks in Venice, housing the basilica and many other historical buildings. With these new buildings, your Carnevale campaign can now be set alongside these amazing testaments to architecture.

Modular Palazzo Emilia

Modelled after the early renaissance clock tower in St Marks square, the Torre dell’Orologio sits alongside the Mercante di Lusso filled with market stalls.

These buildings are modular allowing you to orient them any which way you please allowing the player to create their own version of Venice.

Much like you, we cant wait for these to be released but all good things take time. Feel free to submit some of your own painted Streets of Venice scenery. We may even feature it in our Motivational monday posts

Keep an eye out on our webstore or right here on TTCommunity for more updates for when these sweet little bits of architecture will be released.

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