That’s right, they’ve only just come out and I’m calling it: our new bestsellers are on sale today!

We have refined and improved our Sci-Fi Gothic range today with the release of some awesome new kits which are bigger and better than ever.

Razed District

Introducing the Razed District: the new TTCombat best-selling kit!

The Razed District is the answer to that age-old question:

“How much scenery can I get for £20?”

The answer is: basically a whole battlefield.

The Razed District is the kit to get if you want to make a gaming board affordably and easily, and have it look awesome as well.

The bulk of the set is made up of corner ruins. With 4 large and 4 small, that’s a lot of space already! You can also stack the small ruins on top of the large ones, and the lock into place, so you can extend upwards to give great vantage points. There are also a dozen pieces of scatter terrain from tall walls to small barricades to tank traps and even shipping containers.

All of the pieces are easy to build, with the vast majority simply locking together without even any need for glue. That means you can get started quickly, and store them flat as well! Give a couple of coats of spray paint and you’ve got yourself a whole battlefield.

Hallowed Ruins

But maybe a small battlefield isn’t enough for you? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

The Hallowed Ruins set is here to answer your call.

While the Razed District is deliberately simple to assemble the Hallowed Ruins add loads of extra detail to your table!

Before I start: this kit is also £20. That’s right, just £20.

For your money you get 7 different corner ruins, absolutely bedecked in detail, offering great looking buildings straight out of the packet. There are massively tall structures here, which are excellent for gaming, and plenty of cover for your troops to cover behind. I mean… bravely defend?

With all that extra detail, painting these is a pleasure. After a spray or two, you can drybrush those raised areas and buttresses, so you’ll have an excellent looking set extremely quickly. So you can go back to painting your cowardly heroes.

Razed Mercantine

Our next set is the Razed Mercantine. Do you ever wonder why there are only corners in the far future? Well don’t worry, the Mercantine will solve your problems.

You see, this clever kit is a single structure that’s been blasted apart so well that it will split into 4 different sets of ruins! All 4 plug together to create a whole building, or you can spread them across your board to fill up the table.

We designed this kit with hardened cover in mind. Your troops can man the rooftop (with a hand barrier to protect them) or hide inside to avoid incoming fire. Also there are plenty of carefully blasted holes which offer excellent spots from which to fire heavy weapons.

This versatile set is available now for £16.

Praetorium Implacable

Our final set today is also our tallest!

The Praetorium Implacable is just an absolutely colossal tower. Standing at an impressive 490mm (that’s just under half a metre!) this set is the centrepiece for your gaming board. Put it on a hill for added height!

The Praetorium has four floors, each 120mm apart from each other, which provides plenty of space for even the tallest space warriors! Each floor has plenty of cover and also windows to shoot out of. And that’s not even counting the two amazing pulpits at the top! Those look like excellent sniper’s nests.

If you fancy picking up a truly impressive centrepiece, it’s available now for £24.

All four of these new kits are available now on the TTCombat webstore.

If you fancy picking up some extras for your far-future-gothic-style space battles, or if you’re looking to start a whole new gaming board, look no further. These new sets are going to be extremely popular, so we recommend jumping over to the store and ordering quickly!

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