Teaser Restock Tuesday

It’s Tuesday again, which means we’re going to spoil some of the new releases hitting the shelves this weekend. It’s a big one, hold on…

Dropzone is Back!

This week we’re bringing back Dropzone restocks!

Over the start of the year we spent some time getting our resin department together, taking some time while destocked to get older models up to date and bring in some new moulds.

And that means that it’s time for a Dropzone restock! Last year and the year before we had these every few weeks, bringing models into stock when models got reprinted and moulds got remade (it’s a whole thing from when Hawk went out of business – we got the stock, but didn’t get any of the moulds or masters).

Well now it’s time for more restocks. And this week… well it’s a big week.

The mould makers have been very busy, and this week we will be celebrating with over 50 kits going on sale again.

And, as with our previous restocks, plenty of them have brand new weapon options as well, including the Shaltari Alligator Gravcharger above.

Of course, that means that we’ll need some new rules, and I’m happy to say that there will be new rules this week too!

Not just that, but we’re going to have one of the biggest balance passes we’ve ever had, with almost every single unit seeing some kind of update. Although, to clarify: most of the units will just be getting name changes. Like Prowlers becoming Prowler Spider Drones for example – adding a few descriptor names to help newer players not have to remember each individual name!

We’ll also be releasing an updated digital Dropzone rulebook: V2.2!

Convent 3: Convent With a Vengeance

That’s right, it’s not just that. We also have our third and – for now – last wave of Convent releases for Sci-Fi Gothic.

We’ve seen Abbeys and Pulpits and discovered whatever the heck a Peristyle is. This week we have even more in this super modular range.

This week we have a Cloister, which is apparently a bunch of towers and walkways! This is a great kit for expanding your Convent collection, able to be used with every other set in the range to create a sprawling complex or some slightly longer scenery pieces.

We’ve also got some insanely massive kits, including this Convent Cathedral. I mean… it’s seriously massive. We’ll have more pictures and more info on all the new sets on Friday!


So whether you’ve been waiting for Dropzone to come back into stock, or wanting to see what the Convent sets have in store before ordering your new collection, this Friday is going to be a big day for you! Stop back then for all the information you could possibly need!

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