New Releases: Diamond Oasis & Convent 2

Convent 2: Return of the Convent. Convent 2: Lost in New Convent? Convent 2: Convent Harder? Convent 2: Electric Boogaloo? There’s a few subtitles, just use whichever one you want. Wait, are you writing all this down? Stop writing! Get on with the article!

It’s new release day! That means new miniatures and new scenery, all in the TTCombat webstore for your viewing and buying pleasure right now!

But before heading over there, let’s take a gander at what’s out today, shall we?

RUMBLESLAM – Diamond Oasis

We’ve got the first few bits of a brand new casino today! Welcome to Diamond Oasis.

This glittery oasis contains thousands of stalls and bazaars, able to satisfy every need of its clientele. Especially if that need involves raising someone back from the dead. The main draw of this casino is of course the wrestling. There are loads of rings to watch fights in, although maybe the most famous in all of RUMBLESLAM are the twin rings between the two pyramids. That’s where you’ll find our newest team, the Pyramid Piledrivers!

This new team has your standard five wrestlers, although to be quite honest the two Shabti in the top are barely wrestlers. However, they’re controlled by the Withered Master (bottom right) who makes them really good, and also helps the absolute powerhouse Anubti Doorkeeper (bottom left). Not that she needs much help, as she’s one of the best rookies in the game. Not to mention the massive Yeetle, who will throw a sun at you.

This team is weird and wonderful, rewarding a thoughtful playstyle with plenty of planning. You can run rings around your opponents with careful tactics, but if you get overwhelmed you may find your undead mummies aren’t a great match!

This team is available for pre-order now, in the TTCombat webstore for £25.

Next up we have a pair of Superstars to accompany the team!

Starting with Queen Cleo, you have a fantastic all-rounder who brings something a bit special to your games. Not only does she look amazing, being held aloft by her personal army of undead souls, but she can make those souls inhabit spaces in the ring, opening up portals to below. Placing Underworld Counters is sort of her thing. They stop any wrestlers moving through them, and Cleo can call on the souls to grab out, pulling enemy wrestlers down with a Knockdown counter if they get too close.

The big fella is King Pandinus. Yes, the two of them are married. He’s not to be messed with. Not only is he tough as nails (being part scorpion will do that for you), but he is also devastatingly powerful on the attack (literally he has the Devastating rule on his 8-Legged Hurricanrana). Whether pinching opponents  or stabbing them with his Giant Stinger, this guy is to be feared. And with 5MP (for a WEIGHT 3!) he’s not going to be easy to run away from!

Queen Cleo is available to pre-order now for £8, and King Pandinus is £12.

Convent 2: Cruise Control

Nailed it.

This week sees the release of five new sets for our Convent sub-range of Sci-Fi Gothic. If you’re looking for some super modular terrain to build a real gothic looking city, this is the way to go! These kits are lavishly detailed, and will work in all sorts of settings – there’s nothing inherently sci-fi about them, so fantasy and historical gamers take a look too!

Above you can see both the Convent Intersection and Convent Peristyle. Both of these sets are completely modular (there’s a theme here), with loads of pieces that can fit up against other sets, although both look great on their own too! You don’t have to choose – because of the way each piece butts up next to each other, you can change them in each game you play.

The Convent Intersection is in store now for £16, while the Convent Peristyle is £24.

One of the most impressive kits this week is the Convent Abbey. This awesome set is a little less modular than the rest (although you can still push the longer wall pieces up against the front and back), but makes up for it with style for days.

The main roof is removable, as are the little roofs on the towers. That means you can not only play inside, but you can send snipers up to the top to rain fire from above! Truly what the architect had in mind when designing this place of worship.

The Convent Abbey is available now for £20.

If you like your battlefields a little more war-torn though, we also have ruined versions of things too!

The Ruined Convent Abbey and Ruined Convent Intersection are exactly what you’d expect: ruined versions! These forgo some of their walls (who needs four walls anyway) and instead feature multiple floors. No need to remove roofs mid-game, you can access the full (is “full” the right word here?) interior of the Abbey in this set.

Of course all the ruined versions also stack up next to the regular versions, so using the simple system you can push together intact and ruined sets with no hassle, making a wide-spanning board full of scenery!

The Ruined Convent Abbey is £12 and the Ruined Convent Intersection is £16.

So what are you excited by? It’s not every week a new RUMBLESLAM casino is released. Or maybe you want to get a whole table of this new Convent scenery? I wouldn’t blame you, I’ve been eyeing it up myself…

Either way, everything is right here on the TTCombat webstore, so head over to see all the pictures and get all the details!

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