New Suburban Releases

It’s Friday! And you know what that means?

A new episode of Wandavision! NICE!

Oh, but more exciting than that, we have some brand new City Streets releases! Get into your MDF SUV, because it’s time to drive down to suburbia.

Coyote Manor

Starting off with a suburban house that might be a little more remote than the rest, it’s Coyote Manor!

This simple kit has echoes of the older suburban houses, but has been significantly updated with new style.

Not only is it sturdier with stronger windows, but it has a new MDF roof that is removable using handy locating beams, which makes it easier than ever to play inside.

This kit is available now for £12.

Timber Retreat

Next up we have a teeny tiny little house called Timber Retreat. This one has seen a rather large redesign, making it quite a bit smaller, and also a lot cheaper!

One of the big changes you’ll see on these new kits if you’ve ever bought any of our older ones is that the space on each sprue is used much more carefully, so there’s less wasted wood and more building for your buck!

As with Coyote Manor (and all this week’s releases), Timber Retreat has a fully removable roof. The roof over the porch stays on in a daring display of MDFsmanship, while the rest slides off easily so you can hide from zombies.

Timber Retreat is in store now for a measly £10!

Eagle Estates Residence

We saw Eagle Estates on Teaser Tuesday, and now this little slice of domestic joy is ready to order!

This kit is a big one, with a separate garage (it’s walled off inside the house too), picket fences, and even a cute little dog kennel. There’s loads of space inside for gaming, with a door on the back for easy access to your backyard.

Eagle Estates takes a little while to assemble, a short evening of construction time. But at intermediate level it’s suitable for pretty much anyone, even as your first kit. That roof is a little harder to assemble, but thankfully our handy construction icons will help you to determine which kits are for you. They’re new, so if you need a bit of an explanation, head over to the instructions page.

Eagle Estates is just in, for £14.

Sanctuary Junction Home

Next up we’re heading to the pre-apocalypse for the Sanctuary Junction Home. With some future-retro design inspired by the 50s, including a handy little car port in the side (or covered space to sip a margarita in the afternoon).

Although some of these buildings have more complicated shapes than simple squares, we’ve done our best to make them as easy to assemble as possible, with the whole front porch added separately – very handy and a marked improvement on previous iterations!

Sanctuary Junction Home is in the store for £12.

Lone Pine Residence

Our fifth and final kit this week is this beauty!

With a spacious garage, outside space marked with lovely picket fences, and even a barbecue thrown in, it’s a real classic. Sorry, that was my estate agent voice. Back to MDF.

What more to say on this one? It’s much easier and sturdier than the old kits, it has the same easily removable roof that blends in nicely with the design, and it comes with a cute little barbecue. What else do you need? Fire up the grill!

Lone Pine Residence is up for sale now, for £14.


All of these new kits are available for pre-order on the TTCombat webstore right now. They fit perfectly with last week’s new City Streets kits, so if you’re playing Wonder Calamity Protocol, or Shambling Departed, or even Owlman Miniature Game, these modern style buildings will be perfect to fight over!

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