Advent Calendar 18

What’s lurking beneath the water?

And what’s lurking behind door 18 on the advent calendar? It’s Carnevale day, so let’s see what gifts the Harbinger has left us.

It’s time to bring Carnevale forward into a new age.

Carnevale Digital Rulebook

That’s right, we were feeling a little guilty that all our other books had digital downloads, so we’ve made a digital version of Carnevale too!

Click the lion to be whisked away to the resources section of the TTCombat webstore (you can also find it at too), where you’ll discover the Carnevale rules in their full glory, ready to download absolutely free!

Inside you’ll find the exact same rules as in the newest small format book, although the background lore isn’t there, and the contents have been shuffled around a little. Similar to what we did with Dropfleet earlier in the week, we’ve had a rethink about the order of the book, and we’re trialling it out on the digital format. Let us know what you think!

Of course, as with all our other digital books, there are plenty of links in there so you can go straight to the page you need from the contents (or the handy bar at the top). All of the errata has also already been included, so no need for two documents.

You may also notice a few other files in the resources section. We’ve done digital downloads of the magic disciplines and quick reference cards, so you can get everything digitally that you need to play.

Desktop Wallpapers

Oh and that’s not all! We’ve also uploaded some great Carnevale desktop wallpapers too. You can find them all on the same resources page, split into a couple of different packs. Download for free and adorn your computer with Carnevale!

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