Advent Calendar 16

Day 16, and it’s a Dropzone kind of day…

Each day in our TTCombat advent calendar we focus on something different, and today’s it’s DZC! What’s behind door 16?

An Archangel?

This week we’re carrying on our freebie theme with something a bit weird!

A brand new mini-game!

This is a little set of rules that Chris has been working on not-so-secretly for a while. Seriously, he keeps coming in in the morning and telling us about what he did on them the night before. Alright I get it Chris, but let me drink my coffee in silence. -_-

Anyway! We’ve been looking at the awesome flyer models from Dropzone and wondering about how to make the fast dogfighting and bombing runs a bit more immersive, so Chris decided a good way was to make a little game of it!

Flightwing Commander is a little companion mini-game in which you can use all your Dropzone models and terrain, and have a very quick game with the fast flyers. We thought we’d take this opportunity to tart up the rules (before it was just a Google Doc we were playing from) to let everyone else have a go too!

This is a complete mini-game, and each one only takes about 15 minutes to play. Nice and fun, something a little different!

We did some little stat cards you can print out! They’re the same size as the Dropzone Command Cards, so will fit in your sleeves if you like!

We even included a couple of the newer options in the Artemis and the Brigand, the new alternates we showed off last week. Those will be out in the new year, but until then you can proxy as you see fit!

We hope you like it! It’s just a bit of fun, but let us know and we can always go back and add more things if you do. There’s nothing quite as fun as getting some aircraft models out and zooming them round the office. 😀

You can download the full set of rules and cards in the Dropzone Commander Resources section of the TTCombat webstore, or via as well!

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