New Releases Rise From the Tiny Grave!

It’s coffee time! I mean, Halfling time! Easy to get those confused.

This week we have the second half of our Undead Halflings. Just in time for Hallowe’en!

And it’s not just heroes, we have ANOTHER full army box as well!

Undead Halfling Army

That’s right, another week, another massive, crazy value army box!

This army is the one for you if you want to summon forth a shambling horde of squishy undead Halflings!

The box comes with:

  • 40 Halfling Zombies (with loads of different designs)
  • 10 Halfling Zombie Bursters (coming out of the ground – these are freebies)
  • 20 Halfling Ghouls
  • 20 Halfling Mummies
  • 10 Halfling Wraith Knights
  • 4 bases of Halfling Spirits
  • Halfling Wraith
  • Halfling Ghoul Lord
  • Halfling Vampire Lord

All of that in one box! It’s jam packed with Halflings, that’s for sure. This army, much like our other army boxes, comes in at £100.

Halfling Regiments

But of course all of the regiments are available separately too!

We have three infantry regiments on sale this week… the ones I listed above! All come in units of 20, with plenty of different poses to give your regiments plenty of variation.

The Halfling Zombies, Halfling Ghouls, and Halfling Mummies are £20 for 20 Halflings.



The Halfling Wraith Knights are here too. An alternate cavalry unit, these spooky little deaths come bearing sharp scythes, and are decked out with plenty of bones to show they mean business.

10 of these spooky riders are £20.

Halfling Spirits

The spooks just keep on coming! It is basically Hallowe’en, after all.

This set contains 4 bases of Halfling Spirits. You get 3 per base, which means you’ve got plenty of variation. They also work well on their own for RPGs if that’s your thing!

These 12 Halfling Spirits are £15.

Undead Heroes

We saw some on Tuesday, and we’ve summoned another skeleton to join them too! You want them, you got them: Undead Halfling Heroes.

The Halfling Vampire Lord is bringing all his 50s era vampire style with him, and seems pretty happy about himself too!

The Halfling Ghoul Lord on the other hand is pretty dang terrifying, and the perfect leader for a regiment of Ghouls (see above).

Add a Halfling Wraith to your army or RPG session to guarantee spooky times.

And also we heard your cries and made another Skeleton Halfling Battle Standard Bearer. This is a completely different one to the one you can find in the Skeleton Halfling Army, so you can have extra banners! Nice!


All of these new undead Halflings are available to pre-order right now! Head over to the TTCombat webstore to complete your army, or just pick up some unique miniatures for painting or your next RPG campaign. If anyone wants a Halfling Bard to help them through the spooky fields of Deathly Pastures Cemetery State, give me a call.

MDF is Back!

Not only that, but we’re also putting our MDF kits back up on sale today. We previously took them down to help alleviate the backlog whilst we were installing our new lasers. Well, the new lasers are (mostly) in and working, so we’re making the MDF kits available again.

We’ve still got a delay on orders going out, but this time has helped us setup for the future to get things out quicker. If you’re still waiting on your orders, thanks for your patience. Lots continue to leave the warehouse, so hold tight – your hobby desks will be full and your hobby rooms smelling of burned wood before long!

Thanks again to everyone for your support, and don’t forget to pre-order your Halflings!

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