New Releases of the Dead

Okay, last “of the dead” this week, I promise.

We have some big new things up for sale today. If you’re already a RUMBLESLAM RUMBLEFAN you’re well aware, but for those just joining us, it’s about to get weird.

RUMBLESLAM Digital Rulebook

We’re starting off this week’s new releases with something you don’t even have to pay for!

That’s right, the second edition RUMBLESLAM rulebook is now available as a FREE DOWNLOAD.

The full rules includes the basics, all the new actions, rules for building your team, sponsorships, tag teams, superstars, and quick reference are now available! Just head over the website to download it now!

Calaca Cábala

It’s a team of dancing skeletons painted in Dia de los Muertos colours, who are also wrestlers. Keeping up?

It’s brand new team time! It’s been a while coming (we actually teased these in last year’s advent calendar), but the Calaca Cábala are finally here!

They’re excellent when it comes to KOs (they get buffed every time anyone gets KO’d!), are pretty spry (no meat holding them down) love dancing, and won’t stop even when they’re knocked down.

If you’re after a colourful team that rewards careful play by making massive comebacks towards the end of the game, hand over your skin, grab yourself some flowers, and pick up a new team today!

The Calaca Cábala are available now for £22.

Señora Muerte

And a Superstar!

This scary lady is now available. She’s a brand new Moote Carlo Superstar, and fits perfectly with the Cábala!

With loads of dice to throw at the enemy, a skeleton hand, and the literal Touch of Death, Señora Muerte is an excellent addition to your team.

And of course, don’t forget that RUMBLESLAM wrestlers aren’t actually tied to casinos, so you can use the Señora in any team you wish! If you want to add a gothic wild card into the mix, make sure to pick her up, and at only £8, she’s a bargain too.

Both Calaca Cábala and Señora Muerte are available to pre-order right now on the TTCombat webstore! If you were wondering whether to start a new casino (or even just start playing RUMBLESLAM for the first time) then now’s a great time to do just that! Download the rulebook and pick up some skeletons today!

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