The White Sphere Returns! Teaser Tuesday Time!

PHR players rejoice!

It’s a big PHR week this week, as the Abandonists of Vega IV finally get their very own Starter Army!

It’s been a bit delayed getting this one out. Between stock issues (we ran out of plastic sprues!), painting problems, and of course a global pandemic (this was slated to be released a couple of weeks after that all started), it hasn’t looked like the White Sphere has wanted to share its goodies!

On behalf of that benevolent* AI, we’d like to extend our sincerest thank you for your patience, fellow post-humans!

We’re happy to announce that as of this Friday, the new PHR Starter Army box will be going on pre-order!

The set is DOUBLE the size of the previous box, with a massive 8Type-1 walkers (buildable as Ares, Menchit or Phobos designs), 4 Junos (with alternate turrets), 6 Neptunes, and 8 bases of PHR Immortals.

But of course, the new set also contains a brand new Commander for the PHR. Introducing the Proteus Mobile Command Post.

This little ship is an aerial commander, which not only means it doesn’t have to rely on a transport to onto the board, but also that it can redeploy at a moment’s notice.

You’ll probably want to keep it as stationary as possible though, to make use of its special rules. I’m not spoiling anything yet, but those EM plates are particularly handy!

The Proteus is also available on its own, for those PHR players who already have enough plastic. You’ll be able to add this new Command unit to your armies, and even in larger games, this small flyer is incredibly handy!

We’ve also got another little surprise on the way on Friday, so make sure to stop back then when we’ll be showing off all the new goodies going live on the TTCombat webstore!


* Maybe “tolerant” may be the right word.

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