New Releases – More Tomb World

Return to a world we visited a few weeks ago this week.

We released the first set of Tomb World bases a few weeks ago. Now we have some more base sizes to add to that range as well as some excellent bundles for those who have some Indomitable set for an apparently popular game in some grim dark future.

All of these bases are going on a week pre-order.

First of all for the bikes and other similar models we have 90mm oval bases. As always, covered with strange, alien designed, pipes and strange gemstones. You get 6 of these bases for only £8!

Next up is 60mm round bases, perfect for giant robotic machines of death, defending their home terrain. You again get 6 bases for £8.

We also have 28mm bases released. The level of detail on such a small base is astounding. Perfect for smaller combatants in the battle. You get 20 bases, yes 20, for £8.

Next is the Warrior Indomitable Tome World Base Bundle. With this set you receive:

10x 32mm bases, 11x 40mm bases, 3x 90mm oval bases. All for £20

Perfect for the Space Ranger Warrior force apparently.

And of course we have a Cyber Indomitable Tomb World Base Bundle. Ideal for the Cyber Skeleton mummies of the set. In this bundle you get:

1x 28mm base, 24x 32mm bases, 7x 40mm bases, 3x 50mm bases, 2x 60mm bases all for £20.

Last but certainly not least is the Total Indomitable Tomb World Base Bundle. In this massive bundle of resin bases you receive:

1x 28mm base, 34x 32mm bases, 18x 40mm bases, 3x 50mm bases, 2x 60mm bases, 3x 90mm oval bases. All for £35!

So both sets of Miniatures can have stunningly detailed bases.

So if you are excited to base your new miniatures on these super detailed, brilliantly sculpted bases, head over to our web-store now to get your pre-order in.

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