New Releases – You Like Airbrushing?

Well you’ve come to the right place!

Following the introduction of the Game Color Vallejo paints to the webstore a few weeks back, we’re bringing not one, but two new ranges to you today!

First up we’ve got the Game Air range.

Specifically designed for airbrushing, these paints are high in pigment and low in viscosity, so you don’t have to worry about your airbrush clogging up.

You can also use them with a brush though! I highly recommend the Silver – it’s bright and applies brilliantly and mixes with other paints very well. It’s usually my go-to for the brightest highlight on metal areas.

We’ve also got the new Mecha Color range in stock!

These paints are also designed for use in an airbrush, but are a bit more specific than that. Made specifically for large-scale mech suit models, they’re actually extremely useful for other things too!

With a range spanning from muted, realistic colours to bright, anime style shades, they’re great for painting armour. If you’re looking to pick up a new Dropfleet Commander fleet or paint a Dropzone army, these make a great choice.

The Mecha range also has a whole bunch of technical paints too! From assorted rust colours to dirt, mud, oil, and even a bunch of varnishes and primers, it really is a fantastic set of paints!


As of right now, you can add the Game Air and Mecha ranges of paints to your TTCombat orders. So whether you’re looking to pick up a whole new range of paints, or just add the odd colour to your MDF order, they’re all there waiting for you. Pretty soon the TTCombat webstore will be your answer to everything! MDF, resin miniatures, paints, hardware, groceries, recruitment… you name it, we’ll do it! 😉

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