WIP Wednesday – Cybertime!

We’ve got some WIP pictures, from the far future!

With last week’s triumphant return to WIP Wednesday, we’re back again to have a look at some new things coming out of the ether.

I received a very nice package in the post the other day. Most of the design team are working remotely at the moment, and some kind souls in the warehouse sent out this big box of goodies!

I got a whole bunch of bags of some brand new bases! We (like everyone at the moment) are really getting into our Cyber stuff. I don’t know why, we’re just super excited by some crazy Egyptian-esque sci-fi robots from the future. Must be the weather.

We’ve got a whole range of bases in a bunch of different sizes. They’re all sculpted by our very own David Lewis (you may know him from Dropzone and Dropfleet Commander), so you know they’re just covered in awesome detail!

I’ll be painting these bases up for release soon, so keep an eye out!

Oh and what about scenery? Well you just know we’ll have more MDF kits coming. We’ve been designing a lot of them! What about a pyramid?

What started off as a “can we even do this?” has turned into a whole Pyramid with great detail!

We’ll have loads of new MDF kits coming, how about the Supremacy Monolith?

This big ol thing will come in packs of 3 in various states of ruin, and before you ask – yes it does have a fully detailed interior. You’ll have to wait to see all that though, because we’re still in prototype stage and we’re not even sure if it’s going to go together yet! :\

We’ve got loads more Cyber terrain on the way, and even more for Sci-Fi Gothic in general – keep an eye out here on TTCommunity for all the latest info!

Are you excited to get some new Cyber pieces on your board? Starting a new army that this terrain would be perfect for? A bunch of us in the warehouse are! 😉

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