A Lighter Teaser Tuesday

Low calorie space ships for your fleet? Yum yum!

Dropfleet players rejoice! This week we’re going to be releasing the newest class of ship – this time for all five factions!

Lighters are a brand new type of ship, slightly larger than Corvettes, but each one is just a little different. We’ve seen a couple of these in previous WIP Wesnesdays, but now we’re ready to unleash them all on the world!

The UCM gain the much-talked about but never-before-seen Lysander Stealth Lighter.

This little ship is a bit of an all-rounder, with Close Action weapons and Launch capacity. It’s super stealthy too (as the name would imply) dropping elite Marine Force Recon teams and Black Operatives planetside. It’s a perfect ship for covert ops and spying on the enemy without detection.

Not to be outdone, the Scourge have this weird leech looking ship, the Hiruko Boarding Cutter.

When I say all of these ships is a little bit different, I think you’ll understand why. The Hiruko is designed primarily as a boarding vessel, able to ram the enemy, latch on with its gargantuan (by human standards) tentacles and blast a hole in the side with its Plasma Torch. Once its done, expect a lot of carnage from the emerging Scourge fighters.

The PHR are going full-tech as normal, with the Harpocrates Guerrilla Lighter.

With a design very reminsicent of the Destroyers, this little fighter attacks not with weapons, but with an advanced EM Warfare Suite. If you’re a PHR player looking to annoy the heck out of your opponents, this is the ship for you.

Shaltari reinforcements come in the way of the Helium Voidflyer. If that name doesn’t scare you yet, it will soon.

The largest ship capable of utilizing the Shaltari’s advanced Voidgate technology, this little fighter can dematerialize and teleport down a Voidgate chain, appearing across the map in a mere instant, ready to unleash some devastating short ranged weaponry. Be afraid.

And finally, joining the regular releases, the Resistance also get a new ship in the form of the Seneca Detonator.

A converted cargo hauler, the Seneca has replaced all of its actual cargo with bombs! This large (again, comparatively speaking) ship has loads of smaller individual cargo containers, all of which are remote controlled by the pilot. Usually used for docking with other ships or sent down planetside, now they’re loaded up with explosives and sent out against the enemy! What more would you expect from the Resistance?


All 5 Lighters will be going up for sale this Friday! They come in packs of 6, so you’ll have plenty to add to your fleets. We’ll be back later this week to show off some of the rules for these little nightmares (for your opponents anyway), as well as get a little behind the curtain information on the design process from Dave.

In the meantime, why not check out the rest of the Dropfleet range on the TTCombat webstore? There are loads of ships already, so start planning your dream fleet or expansion in time for Friday’s release.

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