New Releases – WAR 2! Return of WAR

We’re going back to the front! The WAR FRONT!

For the second week in a row, we have brand new releases for our World War range! This week completes the French City style buildings set, giving you basically everything to make a great residential district for your historical games.

Let’s have a look at what we’re releasing today.

25mm City Train Station

What better place to start than the biggest kit?

This is a great big MDF scenery piece! The 25mm City Train Station is available now! It comes with a station for buying tickets, a platform to wait on, an overpass bridge, an engineer station, some track, and even a little signpost!

This kit has pretty much everything you could need, save the train! With removable roofs and plenty of space to hide behind, this is sure to be a focal point in a lot of battles.

The whole kit is on sale now for £20.

25mm City 2-Storey Rowhouse

We saw some Rowhouses released last week, and we’ve got even more!

The 25mm City 2-Storey Rowhouse does exactly what it says in the title.

For only £11 you get a 2-storey kit (and of course all the roofs and floors are removable) complete with cute little balconies. This one is shorter than last week’s Rowhouses, but the same width, so they sit really nicely next to each other to make a whole street.

25mm City Rowhouse Cornershop

We saw the 25mm City Rowhouse Cornershop on this week’s Teaser Tuesday, and it’s now available!

With large bottom floor windows and awnings it’s obvious that this building has been converted into a small shop. Handy for all your needs! If your needs including fighting, it’s also got a balcony for elevated assaults, and your troops will even fit on the top of the roof with a little cover – perfect for snipers!

The Cornershop is also £11.

25mm City Rowhouse Cafe

Our last Rowhouse (for now at least!).

The final Rowhouse is this cute little one! Again, slightly smaller than last week’s at 2-Storeys, which makes it easier to climb to the top of! The 25mm City Rowhouse Cafe comes with French style awnings, perfect for sitting under and eating a pastry.

This one, like all the rest, butts up against every other Rowhouse to make a whole street. The awning on the end means this one’s an end cap – perfect for ending one street and starting another across the road!

The Cafe is available now, also £11.

25mm City Town Hall

Save the biggest for last!

This massive kit is the 25mm City Town Hall and it’s a real beast! Almost 30cm wide and over 20cm tall, this is a real centrepiece for your city.

The tall windows provide excellent vantage points for shooting out of, and it’s big enough that you can do some interior fighting too! With fully removable roof and floors (do I even need to mention that anymore?) you’ll be able to use the Town Hall as an excellent objective for your games, and not one easily won!

Even though it’s massive, the Town Hall is still only £18!

And finally a picture of all of the 25mm City terrain on one of our glorious new Gaming Mats! The Cobblestone mat pictured here is perfect for war-torn France, or any other city (real or fantastical) you might want it for! This one is available in 3’x3′, 4’x4′ (shown here) and even a massive 6’x4′. Big enough for any game!

All of these new MDF kits are out now and cut to order. You can also pick up the full range of Gaming Mats too! Go to the TTCombat webstore and get your French City going today!

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