French City Teaser 2!

Back to France!

Last Friday saw the first half of our French City kits for the World War range, and this week we’re heading back for the rest of them!

First of all we have some new buildings to complement the Rowhouses from last week.

This 2-Storey Rowhouse brings things down a bit, and outwards with some neat balconies!

We’ve also got a Corner Shop. Complete with little French awnings, it looks pretty friendly!

This week we’ve also got some non-Rowhouse style buildings too – if that’s what you’re into!

This is the Town Hall, and it’s pretty massive! With plenty of indoor space (and removable floors of course) and a balcony big enough for your troops, this is a worthy centrepiece to be fighting over.


All of these new kits (and a couple more we’re not showing yet) will be out on Friday! Then you’ll have basically everything you need for a French City board!

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