RUMBLESLAM New Rules – Trip & Pin

Get on the floor!

We’ve seen some new moves, some new dirty rules, and a big change to Lifting. Now the single other biggest change to the rules: tripping and pinning!

Originally seen in our Referees expansion, Trip and Pin have made it through to the full rules, and about time!

For 2AP you can try to trip up your opponent. Knocking them to the floor is a great tactic for dealing a lot of damage, but the audience would much prefer to see a dynamic fight, so it’s a Dirty move.

The attack works like a cross between a Brawl action and a Lift action. You use ATT and your opponent chooses between DEF and DEX. If unsuccessful, they get to either punch you or dodge away.

If you are successful however, your opponent gets Knocked Down! The attack doesn’t do any damage,  but puts your opponent in a bad place for follow up attacks. Oh and it can still do Beatdowns (which incidentally Lift can do now as well).

There are a fair few wrestlers that have the KNOCKDOWN special rule on some of their abilities, but now this is available to everyone in the ring!

Now, pinning. This is the biggest new addition to the game, because it offers you a new way to win!

Pinning is a great mechanic that gives WEIGHT 3s a real place in your team (and with the Turnbuckle changes we saw yesterday, they’re a real powerhouse now), but is still possible even for even a lowly Sprite. Rolling COPPER dice depending on your WEIGHT class means you’ll have to carefully consider who to activate when. Bearing in mind that the more Stamina a defending wrestler has left, the less likely you’re able to pin them.

The trick here is to trip your opponent, put the boot in while they’re defenceless, then wander your Minotaur up to squash them and get them out of the game. All of these moves rely on ATT and can be stop with decent DEF too, which means you’re definitely going to see a lot more Brawlers in your games.

Having been playing with Pinning for a while now (even before the Refs were out) we love the change in game dynamics. Are you looking forward to pinning your opponents? Check out the new RUMBLESLAM rulebook today!

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