Today’s Teaser Tuesday is an exciting one as we have a new edition of RUMBLESLAM coming to you fine people this Friday!

The game of fantasy wrestling is heading back to shelves near you, with a brand new, updated rulebook.

Inside you’ll find all the rules you know and love, given some TLC and some tweaks to make this the best edition of RUMBLESLAM yet!

Inside you’ll not only find little changes, but brand new moves too!

Generic Grapple and Turnbuckle attacks are waiting, as are Tripping and Pinning – in the core rules for the first time!

We’ll be going into more detail on the new edition in the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye on TTCommunity for more information about how the new game plays.

Of course the 2-Player Starter Box is getting the new rule book too!

The set remains excellent value, with two full teams, a neoprene ring mat, a set of DELUXE dice, and all the cards and counters you need to play a game.

But that’s not all! Our previous Kickstarter team the Lords of the Ring are gearing up for a match too.

This brand new team sees five Halfling luchadors take to the fight, backed up by a Halfling Referee who seems more interested in his pasty than in refereeing the game!

From the airborne Exotico to the fancy Limpio, these Halflings aren’t to be messed with. Especially Peso Completo, who is a WEIGHT 3 Halfling that can’t be knocked down thanks to his low centre of gravity!


All of these and some more surprises will be coming to pre-order this Friday. We’ll have more information throughout the week, so keep an eye out right here for all your RUMBLESLAM news! In the meantime, head over to the TTCombat webstore to check out the full range of miniatures – all of which are moving through to the new edition of the game!

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