New Releases – Ogre Heroes!

It’s off to the Fantasy Realms today!

Not only do we have a load of new Dropzone and Dropfleet kits on sale, but we’ve also got some new Fantasy Heroes.

But first…

You can now pick up a gift card in the TTCombat webstore. Perfect for this time of year!

They come in £10, £25, £50, and £100 denominations, transferable and usable on the webstore. You don’t get a funky little card like that though sorry. That’s just something the design team knocked up for a pretty picture!

Don’t forget that if you spend £100 in the webstore, you qualify for FREE worldwide shipping!


Right, let’s get on with the Ogres!

The Ogre Firebreather is our first hero. He’s big and hot! Covered in flames from his head to his hammer, he summons the destructive power of the fire to breath hot death onto his enemies!

The Ogre Firebreather is available for purchase now for £12.

The Ogre Huntress is next, striding into battle with her massive crossbow and a fist made of iron that looks like it’d give anyone a hard time! Fresh from her first outing in our Halflings & Fantasy Friends Kickstarter (she was one of the friends FYI), she’s now available at retail for the very first time.

Pick her up today for just £12.

The Ogre Butcher has been on sale for a while now, but since we’re talking about Ogres, he’d be pretty mad if I passed him over. Plus, it’s basically just an excuse to show of the incredible paint job that Fin did on him!

The Ogre Butcher is a great berserker in a D&D game, or a fantastic mage in any fantasy style regiment based or skirmish game you can think of. You know the one.

The Ogre Butcher (unsurprisingly) is also £12.

If you’re into at least two of these Ogres, why not instead pick up the Ogre Heroes set?

This set contains one of each of them, and is ridiculous value at £25. That’s two Ogres full price and one for just £1 extra! Beauty.


All of these sets are available in the TTCombat webstore right now. Check them out and add a little gut to your fantasy game of choice!

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