WIP Wednesday – Monsters from the Deep

Here be monsters!

For today’s WIP Wednesday, I asked Rei if she would mind sharing some sketches she’s been doing. Rei often sketches loads of different things along a theme. Sometimes they get taken to further artwork, and a lot of the time they simply get used as a jumping-off point.

Of course, as a perfectionist, she said absolutely no to showing some WIP sketches. So I waited for her to go and get a chocolate bar and stole a file called “monsters”.

And monsters there were!

This was in the Carnevale folder, so I assume they’re for Carnevale, but they’re super weird! Like I said, some of these may end up being taken further, and some won’t ever see the light of day. It’s more a mood board to get into the right design space. And there are lots of different ideas here to draw from!

What do you think these creatures are? What faction? My money is on Rashaar, but under the Rent in the Sky, who knows what can happen? They certainly don’t look overly like the Lesser Ugdru we’ve come to love! Although I see a froggy one that could be something?


Uh oh. Rei just caught me typing this (she sits behind me). After a lengthy complain, she’s asked me to put up some finished art to show that she really can draw!

This guy is the Doctor of the Firmament. He’s a new Hero choice for the Doctors, and is pretty awesome!

The artwork was finished recently, and we haven’t got a miniature of him sculpted yet, but when that happens, maybe I’ll be able to share some WIP pictures of that too. We tend to work on a pretty long development time in the TTCombat offices, so who knows when this particular Doctor will break out onto the streets?


Until that time, let us know what you think! And remember, if you have any painted TTCombat models (Carnevale or otherwise) or scenery (Venice or anything else!), make sure to send some pictures to info@ttcombat.com so we can feature your hobby gold right here on TTCommunity.

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