Teaser Tuesday – Halfling Part 2

It’s Halfling time again!

This week’s Teaser Tuesday sees us heading back to the rolling green fields of Halfling-land (for legal reasons that’s all I’ll say).

This week we’re continuing our adventures in MDF kits, and also we have a new resin accessories set too! These are getting added to the Halfling kits we released last Friday.

Where do Halflings get their swords and shields and – most importantly – saucepans from? Why, the Blacksmith of course!

This new set has a Blacksmith’s hut, a covered area for hammering, and a tiny forge too!

And the Halfling Produce set! While there’s only one cart, all of the crates, trough, and hay bale are doubled up, and you get three beehives to start your apiary!


Both of these and three other new MDF kits will be released on Friday to round off the little Halfling village we have going on. If you picked up any Halflings from the Kickstarter or from Warlord then these are great kits to complete your collection! Stop back on Friday to see the rest!


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