WIP Wednesday – A New Casino?!


We’ve got some big things on the way for RUMBLESLAM. It’s been a little while since our last big push, but we’ve been behind the scenes brewing up some cool new wrestlers, making new cards and rules, and getting things sculpted. It won’t be long before we get back into the ring!

To start off with, we’ll be releasing a brand new casino!

You may have seen some of the Halfling luchadors on the Halfling Kickstarter last year. At the time they were planned as a limited thing, available at shows. However, we had such an outburst of excitement and support that we decided to make them into a full casino! We’ll have more information on that casino in the future, but for now – and for anyone who didn’t get to pick up the Halflings – we can reveal that the new casino is called:

Moote Carlo!

The Halfling luchadors form one of the teams in this new casino, but there is of course another team too (and plenty of new Superstars, but we’ll get to them another day).

Today I’d like to share with you the first wrestler in the new team: the Angelitos Grappler!

Rei has done some amazing art for this new team and all of the new Superstars coming your way too. With loads of colour and amazing ideas, we know that this is going to be a team that flies off the shelves and into your local ring!

It’s not just art today though, as we have the first master of this new wrestler out of the resin room!

We’re hoping to print out the last members of the team in the next few days! Then it’s over to Fin to paint!

Scott and I have been working on some rules for this little skeleton, and we hope to share them with you soon too.

We’ll have more RUMBLESLAM news real soon, so keep an eye out!


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