New Releases – DELUXE Iron Labyrinth

New Iron Labyrinth time!

It’s Friday, which means new TTCombat releases!

We previewed a few earlier in the week, so let’s get stuck into what’s new for the Industrial Hive.

First off we have the Iron Labyrinth Stairs.

This neat little kit takes the Iron Labyrinth wall sections and makes them all 3D! With a set of steps on each side and the familiar hooks that make this set super modular, these add a whole new dimension to your deep hive games – upwards!

Next up we have the Iron Labyrinth Doors. These sets might not be super imaginatively named, but you certainly know what you’re getting!

There are two top opening blast doors, and two side opening doors.

The top openers clip into any column section, and the side openers have columns of their own (space for the doors to go into), which means this kit is super versatile for expanding your Iron Labyrinth board.

The doors themselves are separate pieces too, so you can open and close them to your heart’s content!

The Iron Labyrinth Floors are – strangely – one of the kits I’m most excited about this week! Although a fairly simple design, this kit makes it super easy to add different heights to your Iron Labyrinth board.

This (and the other kits this week) mean that if you want to make a fully detailed 2D Iron Labyrinth board, you can use all that same scenery to make a 3D board too! Very, very useful!

Plus it looks cool, and these two flooring sections not only fit perfectly in the Iron Labyrinth kits, but they’re only £9 for both!

Lastly today is my favourite kit this week: Iron Labyrinth High Walls. This set contains five high walls and 3 high columns.

You’ve always been able to stack the Iron Labyrinth sections (those cross pieces on the columns lock together), but these are just a much easier and cheaper way of stacking your walls up.

All of these sections are of course completely modular with any other Iron Labyrinth kits, but even more exciting than that, because of some handy little ventilation widgets, they make Iron Labyrinth completely modular with the rest of the Industrial Hive range!

The widget sticks straight into the notches in every Industrial Hive kit, which means the options for building boards become MASSIVE!

We got very excited about these new sets, so put them all together too, check it out:

I don’t know about you, but seeing that makes me want to make a new gang, collect my laspistols (other weapons are available), and get fighting in the close confines of the Iron Labyrinth!

If you’d like to pick up any of these kits for your own Industrial Hive board, make sure to check out the TTCombat webstore. They’re all available to order right now. Order over the weekend and we’ll ship them out next week for you. These kits are bound to be popular, so get your orders in early to avoid the wait!

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