New Releases – Ramshackle Fortress

We’ve got even more fantasy terrain in store now!

It’s a new week, which means new scenery. Following on from the supremely popular Tumbledown Castletown last week, we’ve got three new Savage Domain releases for you today!

We had a look at the Marauder Outpost in Teaser Tuesday this week, and it’s out now to order!

This massive kit comes with two big outpost towers and a whole load of smaller blocks and walkways. All this for only £20!

This set is fully modular, allowing you to reconfigure your outpost between games, and add any other Savage Domain kits to it to create a sprawling interconnected camp.

Our second big set this week is the Barbarian Encampment.

This is another £20 set, which trades out some of the taller towers for wider buildings, all the better for sheltering your barbarians from the elements. If only they’d finished building it first!

Again, this kit is absolutely festooned with extra bits, including ladders, barricade boxes, and plenty of spikes for warding off your enemies!

The spikes are actually an interesting bit though. All of the Savage Domain kits come with a bunch of these little “plugs”. They sit neatly in the gaps left in walls when you’re not using them to connect walls and walkways. They disguise the modular nature of the kit while adding a lot of extra cool detail.

Our third and final kit this week is the Palisade Walls.

This set is perfect for protecting your fortress from attackers! If you think your Outpost and Encampment need a little extra something between the attackers and defenders, this is the kit for you.

With six wall sections, three corner joints and two straight joints, it can be assembled in a lot of ways! There’s also a gang plank and three barricades for a bit of extra detailing.

For only £10 this set is a real bargain, and two kits will allow you to make a massive wall capable of protecting most of a gaming table!


Of course, as with last week’s releases, all the Savage Domain kits are completely modular with each other, allowing you to make all sorts of gaming boards, each of which need not look the same as any other! Using the handy plug system, the pieces simply slot together (yes, even after painting) to create varied landscape on your tables. We’ve got even more Savage Domain kits coming out too, so there are plenty of opportunities for expansion!

If you’d like to order any of these kits, they’re available in the webstore right now! Order over the weekend and we’ll ship it to you at the start of next week, ready to get your fantasy gaming on!

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