New Releases – ORCS!


OI! Oomies! Yoo wont bildingz? I gotz bildingz! My mek made dem out of scrap. In a cave!

I show you dem, yoo will like dem. Dey’re good and strong and great for crumpin’! Lewis wont so good at fightin’, he gone for a sleep and now BIG BOSS SCRAPPA haz taken over! WAAAAGH!

I gotz dis big ORC FORTRESS! Itz a nice place to ‘ide. Big strong walls and a big skull face! I like to sit on da top of da platform an’ shoot at gobbos ‘oo walkz past hahaha!

Itz real good and only 14 teef! Cheap for a good job.

My Mekz made dis next wun. Itz a Mek Shop. No way I’m payin’ nuffin’ for gettin’ stuff fixed ‘ere cuz I’m DA BOSS!

Yoo get a conveyor and toolz  and loads of FYOOL fer powerin’ da big saw! Dat saw cutz froo everyfing: trukks and gunz and even oomies! Fer yoo? 8 teef. Dat’s GOOD VALYOO!

Dis is da Mek Garage. I dunt no wot Garage meenz, but dis is a good place ta keep yer trukkz! Yoo can fit da biggest wagonz in dis place. Hide it fer later or fix it up fer smashin’!

Dis one is so big der is even a tiny oomie in da middle! OI! ZOGGIN’ GET OUT OF MY GARAGE!

Yoo wont sumfin even bigga?! OKAY I GOT YOO FAM

Dis is me biggest and best bilding. Da Orc Tower is fer da best bosses out dere – and DATZ ME! But I can sell it to yoo. You get da big tower on won side, and on da ovva side my mek put a crashed airplane ‘ee found. It was broken up, but is a good place for sittin’ and finkin’ on yer own. Errr, I mean FER FIGHTIN’ AND SHOOTIN’! Der’s a bridge across da middle, good fer yer boyz ta shoot from. Itz perfectly stable, I’ve only fallen froo da floor free times!

Dis Tower iz best right in da middle of yer camp. Stop any ovva ORCS or OOMIES comin’ in!


Datz wot I got fer sale today. All good. Yoo want dem? Yoo BUY DEM.

If yoo BUY DEM NOW we send dem to yoo on MONDAY. If yoo don’t buy dem, I send my boyz round yer camp and take yer stuff anyway HAHAHA! Yoo oomies are gonna get it! We’z gonna taker yet stuff – wait. Lewis is wakin’ up. DOC! Give ‘im anuvva dose of yer special crumpin’ club.


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