Tactical Look – Church of Dagon

Church of Dagon

Want to know the best way to get new sacri…. I mean new converts for the Great God Dagon? Well here’s your ultimate guide to doing so. Definitely Converts, not sacrifices, we don’t sacrifice anyone.

Hi, Chris here with another tactical look at Carnevale. This time we are taking a look at the new Church of Dagon box for the Rashaar. Up until now the Rashaar have been deadly in the water with their monsters but have lacked a strong ground game, now that has changed.

What’s in the box?

In the box is enough to build a 74 ducat gang, so add a flashbang grenade and you have your 75 ducat gang.  1 Voice of Dagon, 1 Dagonite Priest and thee Dagon Officials.  This is also ripe for expansion to a 100 Ducat gang by adding a Raadru to act as your summoned Terror From the Deep, I mean, friendly monster that will help gain converts *ahem*.


Our leader is the terrifying Voice of Dagon. He’s not much of a fighter by himself, however he is a Mage with Expert Sorcerer, Universal Shielding and parry, he is also adept in the water too. He has a bubble giving all friendly characters within 6″ Expert Offence(2).

Add in 5 command points with a Command ability to put a stun counter on all enemies within 3″ add you have a fearsome character.  With the ability to choose either Divinity or Fateweaving, he can act as a healer or a buff/debuff character.

dagonite priest statcard

Next we have our Hero character, the Dagonite Priest. A better fighter than the Voice of Dagon but is Mage(2) though without expert Sorcerer and takes one of two disciplines that are different to the Voice of Dagon. Our priest can take either Blood Rites or Wild Magic. Both are more offensive in nature and if working together with the Voice can cause some very powerful combos. For example use Sunder Armour and Curse of the Rent to turn a potentially hard to kill character into something far more squishy.

Dagon Officiant Statcard

Finally are the three Dagon Officiants for henchmen. capable fighters, even more so since their Expert Offence (1) can be boosted by 2 to Expert offence (3) by being near the Voice of Dagon. That means they re-roll all their attack dice, excepting the Destiny dice of course, since their Kopesh Daggers have -1 penetration they can make quick work of many hero characters.  These guys also have Fast Swimmer (1) meaning they can get through water better than most human characters. That is assuming they are completely human……


This is a surprisingly flexible gang, you don’t have a strong roof top game, but on the ground you have a strong variety and use of magic and offensive capabilities to claim plenty of victims for Dagon. You are certainly no slouch in water too, and if playing a 100 point game, add a Raadru to dominate the water completely. Or add another Priest to really harness the magic power of the rent.

When choosing your magic spells for your Voice of Dagon and your Priest, look to find ways to get them working together rather than seeing them as individual characters. Ideally you want to use them to support the three Officiants. Everything in this box can claim objectives so plenty of board control if used correctly.  As is always the case with Rashaar this is a forgiving gang where the characters are all quite survivable and are very good at what they do.


The box by itself gives you a balanced and very capable 75 ducat gang with equipment. It is very easily expanded upon and gives you plenty of access to magic and decent fighters. If the starter set is just a bit too monstrous for your tastes, I really recommend giving the Church of Dagon set a try. Pick one up here.

Thanks for reading, and I shall be back with more exciting stuff soon. For now though, all hail Dagon and his great benevolence…. Wait.. What’s that dagger for? No… No… I’m out of here.

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