Teaser Tuesday From the Future

What’s happening in the far future? Let’s look!

The far future is actually here a lot sooner than you may think. This Friday in fact!

This week we’re releasing some new kits that will fit with the Fortified Frontline sets from our Sci-Fi Gothic range.

First off we have these two Missile Silos. They’re as big as a mobile walking death machine *cough* and quite heavily armoured! These kits also come with pieces that allow them to be used as gun emplacements – more on that on Friday.

The biggest new kit this week is the Command Centre.

This thing is MASSIVE!

You may remember a couple of weeks ago we released a whole load of Bunker sections. This Command Centre joins the bunker network, giving your modular sections a big room to fight in.

We have three more releases coming on Friday, including two other bunker additions, providing lots of indoor room for your games. Check back on Friday for all the details!

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