We’re bunkering down with today’s new releases.

Today in the TTCombat webstore we’re launching the first in a new set of buildings: the Sci-Fi Gothic bunker complex!

We’re launching the set with four new kits, meaning you’ll be able to make any shape of armoured bunker you desire* for your board!

These sections are modular, with little clips that sit under each one. That way you can put your bunker complexes together and then take them apart at the end of the game for storage.

Each section also has a removable roof, which means they’re not just for decoration – these are fully playable kits!

And what’s more, they have little sections on the roofs that perfectly fit our range of gun emplacements should you want to arm your buildings too.

Oh and did I mention that the bunker sections are compatible with the Fortified Frontline Trench sections? They are! So you can go from indoors to outdoors really easily to make a sprawling emplacement network.

That’s not all this week though. We’re also releasing a set of Rock Piles. OMG

I’m sure I’m not alone here in scrounging around the local park for rocks, lugging them home, struggling to hot glue them down, and then breaking pin vice drill bits trying to pin models to them.

Don’t bother with all that nonsense! These Rock Piles are made from resin, making them easy to paint, drill, and a lot lighter to store too. Easy peasy!


*except circular. We still haven’t figured out how to make circular MDF.

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