New Buildings in Venice

It’s new release Friday, and we’re taking a step into Venice for some updated kits…

We had a sneak preview earlier in the week of our new Streets of Venice kits, and today’s the day they’re out.

The big new kits for this release are the new Casas! We have four Casas available today that have been redesigned from the ground up for a better experience both in assembly and in gameplay.

For example, we’ve added interior shutters to a lot of the buildings, and tabs to hold the exterior shutters in place. A lot of people told us that the shutters on the older kits always broke off, so they’ve been toughened up a bit.

We’ve also resigned the floors on each of the buildings. They’re a little bit wider, so the “lip” running around the edge is sturdier and fits all of our balconies so you can extend your buildings to your heart’s content!

The new floors also slot in easier, meaning you can keep them modular and remove floors mid-game. Perfect for games like Bolt Action where your troops are occupying the buildings.

There are four distinct designs available, from the tiny Casa Elizabeta with its roof terrace, all the way to the massive Casa Diana with three storeys and two balconies! No need for extension kits and new roof kits anymore – these four Casas will all look distinctly different on your gaming table.

The new Ringhiera Bridge was redesigned with ease of construction in mind. Those spindly railings used to be made of greyboard, which broke all the time. We’ve remade them in MDF, so your bridge will last forever! These pieces tessellate better onto a single sprue as well, so the price has gone down by £2! Nice!

We saw two big kits earlier this week, and the Pallazo Lucia is probably my personal favourite. A redesign of the old Venetian Townhouse, this one has been improved as well! The roof has been cut back, which means that your models can sit on the balcony and you’ll be able to move them around as much as you like without having to take the roof off each time!

The roof does come off super easily though, in case you were wondering.

Speaking of roofs, all of these new Streets of Venice kits have new roofs! They’re all made of MDF now instead of greyboard, which – as any veteran Carnevale player will attest to – can only be a good thing! They are incredibly sturdy, meaning storage will be a much safer job! The angle of the roofs have all been reduced too. From 14 degrees to 12 degrees. That might not seem like a lot, but when your lovingly painted Capodecina slides off mid-game, you’ll be longing for those couple of degrees difference!

And of course, we’ll finish on the Crisostomo Tower.

This massive kit has been completely redesigned. It looks superficially similar to the old Venetian Tower, but don’t let that fool you!

This one is thinner, a little shorter, and a lot more playable!

The old tower was a great display piece but really wasn’t very useful in game. This version has seen a larger raised platform for all manner of men and monsters to sit in. It also has two window boxes, which make climbing even easier. At the end of a character’s activation in Carnevale they have to be on solid ground or fall, and these window boxes make that so much easier!

The tower itself is now made in one complete section, making assembly so much easier. The roof section still comes off too, meaning your characters can indeed climb up and be placed up there.

Finally there’s a walkway added around the roof. One can only imagine the epic duels that could take place atop the Crisostomo Tower before the loser falls to their death* in the canals below.

Oh and did I mention the price? This new kit is a massive £9 cheaper than the old one! That whole tower is only £16!

All of these new kits are available to order now. Order today and (snow notwithstanding) they’ll be sent out to you first thing on Monday.

*Don’t mention Harlequin. It’s still too soon.

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