The Black Night part 12

The final chapter in our ongoing Black Night story.

As the Morgraur left the city, a pale winter sun began to rise on the horizon looking out past the Arsenale and San Piero di Castello, the start of a new day in Venice. The Rent had waned throughout the night and had given the majority of Venice a full night of unbroken sleep.

Nicola had slept like a baby, having not woken up once through the entire night. Getting up from her bed, Nicola stretched and looked out of her window. Venice appeared as it usually would, pale and cold in the winter morning sunlight. Had it all been a dream? Nicola wondered. She had definitely fallen asleep an entire night, that she was sure. But what had happened to the Rent in the Sky? She remembered the night before, the panic and chaos in the darkness. The Rent had pulsated a brilliant green before going out almost completely, as if someone had just doused the Rent as one would a torch.

Looking out the window Nicola saw the familiar sight in the sky, the colossal scar that stretched across the heavens. Paler than usual, but still distinctly visible. Everything seemed to have returned to normal.

Strange, Nicola thought, very strange.

Putting on her boots and hat, Nicola left her casa and headed out onto the street. There were the signs of a normal night in Venice – waste littered the streets, with the occasional smashed window. She walked past two men fishing a body out of the canal. Grisly to be sure, but not unusual in the times they lived.

Nicola paused for a moment, but didn’t recognise the face of the man. It seemed like nothing could ruin her good mood. That was the best sleep I’ve had in ages, she thought to herself.




We hope you’ve enjoyed reading all about the Black Night! Let us know what you thought about the story, and whether you’d like to read more in the future.

Happy Xmas from everyone in the Carnevale team. We’ll be back next year with lots of new releases and more!

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